Changes to Terms & Conditions

Changes to the Terms & Conditions (T&C’s) for Michael Nixon Driving Instructor.


Summary of Changes:


Price Increase

There will be a modest price increase of £2 per hour on all lesson lengths. The price of the Pass Plus will also increase to reflect this.

Clause 13

The wording for this clause will change to make students more aware of the Privacy Policy containing relevant information with regards the in-car camera recording devices.


There will no longer be an option for paying using cheques.


Social media platform Google+, there is no longer the option to get in touch via that communications channel.


Why have these changes been implemented?

The price of lessons has been held at its current rate for 2 years. Whilst the cost of everything else has gone up in that time, the price of lessons remained the same. To remain one of the most professional Instructors in the area it is unfortunately necessary to increase the price of lessons from time to time in order to maintain the level of service customers expect.

The change of wording in Clause 13 is to highlight the recording equipment policy is available via the Privacy Policy.

Paying in cheques is time consuming and incurs costs. Plus there is usually a delay in receiving funds and as the T&C’s infer that payment must be made before the lesson starts, this usually resulted in payment several days after the lesson had finished.

The closing of Google+ has left no option but to remove this form of communication.



These changes will come into effect from January 2nd 2020 when the instructor resumes training after the Christmas and New Year 2019 break. You will be required to sign an updated T&C’s at the start of your first lesson in 2020.


Monies already paid

Any payment for lessons paid in block before 2020 will be honoured at the rate paid. No additional costs will be added after the rate is introduced. Eg. 10 hours paid upfront in 2019, 8 hours taken but 2 hours left in 2020. Those 2 hours will be covered and no additional charges will be applied.


What do I do if I’m not happy and want to cancel?

If upon receiving this leaflet of changes you are not happy with the changes you may cancel your lessons at any time. Clause 2: Cancellations of the current T&C’s still apply. For monies already paid, Clause 1: Monies/Payment will apply.


For further information please do not hesitate to get in touch with the instructor via any of the methods