Driver Trainer, not car hire company!

Please could those thinking about calling me with the following enquiry save themselves and me the trouble and time and not bother.

Hi there, are you available next Thursday to take me to test?

I am a driver trainer, driving instructor etc and therefore help people to learn a new skill with the ultimate goal of getting a pass at test and their hands on a full driving licence.

I am not a car hire company or test day hire company.

If you booked a test without having access to a car, or you booked a test without your own driving instructor being available then thats on you. You should have planned ahead and thought it through.

I will not loan my car to a complete stranger. I will not move my current students who have been patient and stuck with me throughout this whole Covid period for someone I've never met.

I'm not going to chance you can drive and bet that against having a car when you get back.

So please, don't call up asking if I'm available to take you to test next thursday. I'm not.