First week back! Thank you to all students!

The first week after lockdown completed and I'd like to thank all my students for making it an absolutely brilliant one.

They stuck with me throughout lockdown and came back from day one. All were geared up (pun intended) and revving to go! (Ok, last one promise!)

No cancellations and all lessons completed in full so a very productive week. Lets hope Covid doesn't rear its head again and we can keep this 'normal' going for good now.

Thank you again to all my students and here's looking forward to a positive and productive 20201!


For those looking to start this year please plan ahead. I would normally have a 2 to 3 month waiting time to get people booked in but at the moment thats closer to 4 or even 5 months. Be sure to get in touch as soon as you can to book in for August and September!