Tier 4 Lockdown starting midnight 19th December 2020 - Updated 12th March 2021

With the announcement that Wales will be going into a Tier 4 lockdown, it means that we will NOT be able to carry out any lessons, Theory Tests or Practical Tests.

Tier 4 is the highest level and is a full lockdown. The main bit for us being no unnecessary travel and not working if you can't social distance.

So, from midnight on Saturday 19th December 2020 until at least midnight on Sunday January 17th 2021 we will not be training.

The Welsh Assembly have set that date initially with a review happening shortly before that and an announcement of any extensions to that date.

All students will be contacted early in January to book in lessons for the week commencing the 18th and into February.

Any further updates will be communicated here and on my various social media channels. Please do follow on either LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

For now, keep safe, look after one another and have a great Christmas and New Year.

See you in 2021 where things can only get better!

Update as of 4th January 2021

The Welsh Assembly will be meeting on Wednesday 6th to determine the future course of the current lockdown. They will then be making an announcement on Friday 8th.

Currently those predicting what might happen are expecting the assembly to extend the current lockdown until at least the end of January.

With that in mind I will be delaying booking in students for the time being until we hear the news on Friday. The usual announcement time is 1230 so I will be in touch with all students on Friday afternoon with further information and possibly to book in lessons.

Update as of 10th January 2021

After Fridays announcement to extend the lockdown by another 3 weeks, we won't be doing any training still until the end of the month.

The next announcement will be on Friday 29th January detailing when we can start back or if they are adding a further 3 weeks to the lockdown.

It is anticipated that lessons wouldn't be able to start again until the following Monday the 1st February.

I will be in touch with people on the 29th January and over that weekend to book in lessons should we be given the news that we're starting back the following week.

Update as of 29th January 2021

The Welsh Assembly announced today a further extension to the lockdown for a period of another 3 weeks. As usual this means no training again for that duration.

They will be issuing another update and providing further details on the 19th February 2021.

Obviously we will be hoping they lift the restrictions that week and we can begin lessons again on Monday 22nd February.

As always I will be in touch with everyone that Friday with details and bookings.

Keep safe and well...

Update as of 19th February 2021

As of today there has been a further 3 weeks added to the lockdown. So still no training is allowed during this period.

The next review will on the 10th March with an announcement made on the 12th.

Fingers crossed this will be the last extension and we can get back to training on the 15th March.

Those with tests have already been contacted and I'll speak to all students regarding lessons on the 12th if we get the green light.

Keep well and stay safe!

Update as of 12th March 2021

It was announced today that all close contact businesses should be able to return to work on the 12th April. Obviously this is unless the HSE impose further restrictions in the meantime.

I will be contacting all students to book in lessons over the next couple of days.

Please be patient as I work through the list starting with people with tests coming up, previous students and finally new starters.

Thank you all for keeping safe and remember to continue to do so as we push forward and get back to normal as soon as we can.