Training during the phasing out of lockdown

Latest News regarding training in lockdown.
I know how frustrating it is at this time when you want to get back to training and get on the road.

The current legislation on public transport seriously limits everyone's movements and the need to be able to drive is more than ever.
However the latest information from the DVSA says that we still cannot return to training except for training Key Workers that are covered by the exceptions in place.
This is because of the close proximity within the car and the sheer amount of touchpoints that could be potential transfer points.
Please be assured that as soon as we can return to training we will.

Currently all Driving Tests have been cancelled by the DVSA and NOT rebooked in for any date in the future. Those with tests booked in will be contacted at some point in the future to rebook in and pick a date and time to suit. This will be sometime after driving instrcutors are allowed back to traiining in order to give people chance to be ready again.

Below is a paragraph from the email I received. Please have a quick read.

Keep safe and look afrer each other!


Please see below the exact wording from the email I received from the DVSA this week. It leaves no doubt as to the situation at the moment and whether or not we can return to training.

"Driving instruction and driving tests

Other than emergency training and tests for critical workers, driving instruction and driving tests have not yet been able to restart because the risk of transmission of the virus in vehicles is higher.

In his statement on 10 June, the Prime Minister reiterated that the government will remain cautious and measure the effect of the changes it makes. The Prime Minister explained this means moving slower than we’d have liked in some areas.

Driving instruction and tests will only restart when the government is confident that the assessment of risk warrants it, subject to the 5 tests and further detailed scientific advice.

In the meantime, I want to re-emphasise that you should continue to limit driving lessons to critical workers who are preparing for an emergency driving test.

Once again, I would like to thank those of you who have been able to offer driving lessons to critical workers during these unprecedented times.

We will, of course, share more information with you as soon as it’s available – including the dates that driving instruction and driving tests can restart."