Theory Tips

Here are some useful tips for people preparing for thier Driving Theory test.

Book Your Theory Test HERE!

Quite a few of you are still getting stung by websites booking your theory test for you. Some are literally charging you DOUBLE the fee for the privilage! The Fee for your Theory Test is £31. Use the Link below to book your test, it takes you straight to the OFFICIAL site for booking your theory.    BOOK YOUR THEORY HERE!

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New video explains theory test

The DSA has published a new video explaining how to prepare for the theory test, what to expect on the day and what you need to do to pass. The new video for car and motorcycle theory tests explains:   what the ‘source material’ for the test is that the revision questions in learning materials aren’t the the actual questions in the test how the multiple-choice and hazard perception parts work and what the pass marks are for each part  

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An easy way to work out stopping distances

One of the hardest things to remember on the Theory Test is the stopping distances in dry weather on a good surface. Here's a really easy way to remember those distances. Thanks to Mike Pullen for the info on this. It’s already been a great help for a number of people! 20mph  =  x2     = 40 feet 30mph  =  x2.5  = 75 feet 40pmh  =  x3     = 120 feet 50mph  =  x3.5  = 175 feet 60mph  =  x4     = 240 feet 70mph  =  x4.5  = 315 feet     If you remember that 20 is...

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