Common questions answered - Crossing hands on the steering wheel

Each month I will be posting a new help topic covering the more common questions I get asked. For the 1st question of the year we're looking at:

I’ve heard that crossing my hands on the steering wheel will result in a test fail, is that true?

This is and always has been untrue. There are no rules or particular methods of steering required for the driving test.

The Driving Examiner is simply looking for you to control the car in the best way possible at the right time. If that means crossing your hands or indeed using just one hand then that’s ok. As long as the steering is accurate, smooth and, essentially, gets the job done then it is acceptable. Of course some steering methods just simply don’t work in some situations so getting the wrong method at the wrong time could result in a fail. Not for what you did, but what it caused. eg. Steering one handed you over-steered and caught the curb. That would be deemed your own doing and could possibly cost you the test.

There are 4 basic steering methods. ‘Pull Push’, ‘Rotational’. ‘Fixed Point’ and Palming (one hand).

Each has its own time and place for being the most efficient and effective way to steer.

For more information on this and further training in advanced techniques the book ‘Roadcraft’ has some great sections to read. Available here: Roadcraft