Common questions answered - If I hit the curb on my test I’ll fail. Right?

Each month I will be posting a new help topic covering the more common questions I get asked. For the 2nd question of the year we're looking at:

If I hit the curb on my test I’ll fail. Right?

Not necessarily. It depends on the situation. How fast, how hard, the angle, were there people on the pavement? etc

The basic reason the curb is there is to prevent you getting on the pavement. So if you misjudge pulling in or your road position and catch the curb, then it’s done its job. Not everyone is perfect all the time and we all scuff the curb at some point.

If you hit it at a 45degree angle then that’s not so much misjudged but rather completely off the mark. If you catch the curb at 50mph then it’s entirely possible to flip the car. So as mentioned, it depends on the situation as to whether you’d fail or not.

Scuffing, scraping, nudging and resting against will not usually result in a fail. Striking the curb or bouncing up and back off it, will usually result in a fail.

On and off a dropped curb with no-one near will usually not result in a fail. Same situation with a pedestrian walking past of course will.