Driving Made Simple

Approaching any given driving situation there are only really 3 options available to you. Work from 1 to 2 to 3 and one of them will always work. Keep this in mind and every situation you find yourself in you will be able to work a way through!

1 - Drive through (or round as the case may be)

2 - Slow down

3 - Stop

Literally every driving situation is only going to be one of those. A driving situation is always developing and can change in an instant. However one of them has to work. So work methodically through them and when one of them works, you'll be through the situation you faced. The system may jump around, for example it could go from option 1 to option 3 in an instant, or from option 3 to option 2 etc so be ready to adapt. But with only 3 options lodged in your head, it should be easier to adjust and keep going.

A couple of examples now....

Situation: Parked Car


1. Nothing coming the other way and nothing coming past on the right side. Simply keep your speed up and drive through (around).

2. Car coming from the front but going to pass soon, slow down and then drive through when clear.

3. Multiple cars coming and no amount of slowing down will enable you to pass. Simply stop and then drive through.

Situation: Roundabout


1. Good view to the right, lane ahead of you is clear, exit on the roundabout is clear and no approaching cars to the right. Drive on through.

2. Couple of moving cars in queue in front of you, car coming from the right or limited view, slow down until the car passes or the view opens up, then drive through.

3. Queue of several cars on stop, exit is blocked, NO view to the right or several cars approaching from the right with no gap in sight, stop and then drive through!

Situation: Pedestrian Crossing


1. Crossing has good vision to both sides and no-one is crossing or likely to cross, drive on through.

2. Limited view to one or both sides of the crossing, someone is approaching the crossing and you're not sure if they will be crossing, slow down until you are sure, then choose option 1 or 3!

3. Someone is about to cross or is already on the crossing and no amount of slowing will give you time till they have finished crossing. Stop, and then drive through.