What do you get? Well, a very complete package I believe. Read below to the bold header that is you and see what I include in the course!


Currently I can offer tuition / training / coaching for any of the following:

New Learners - From the ground up. Start to finish, helping you quickly become an efficient and able driver. This means help with getting a provisional. Help with Theory Revision. Booking your Theory Test for you. Training you to drive using Teaching and Coaching Techniques with a full breakdown and debrief of progress each lesson. Booking your Practical Test for you. Booking your Pass Plus course for you. Delivering the Pass Plus course. And to top it off, you get a free TEXT reminder the day before your lesson, just incase you cant find your appointment card!

Partly Trained Pupils - Tighten up those skills, working towards becoming an able and competent driver . This will include the above from whatever stage you're currently at.

Licenced drivers -requiring additional skills lessons or 'brushing up' on their driving skills.
This can be Eco-Driving Techniques, confidence building or even additional manoeuvre training. Anyone up to 25 is legible for the Pass Plus Cymru reduced rate, but anyone at all can do the Pass Plus course.

Block Bookings - Want to pay up front and get the money thing out the way? Save time making regular payments by paying up front for your training.

Intensive Courses -  for those that want to get the whole thing done a little bit quicker! Cheaper but you'll have to put the effort in to make it all worthwhile!

Pass Plus - Not just cheaper insurance but a valuable course to make you a better, more rounded if not sound driver.

Taking in all those things you couldn't do on your test. Including Motorways. More information is available HERE - or just get in touch! 

Mock Tests - Learning at home with Mum / Dad / Someone? Or having lessons and think you're ready for your test? Take a mock test to see just how ready you are. Using a copy of the actual test report sheet I will mark your drive as the Driving Examiners would and provide feedback at the end if needed on anything you need to do to bring yourself up to test standard. This can be a extremely useful to see how the Driving Test will be conducted, the language and help the examiners will give. It can be a real eye opener!

Advanced Driver Training - Take your driving to a whole new level. Well above the driving test standard.

Insurance Assessments - Do you need to be assessed for insurance purposes? For example to receive a car on mobility?

(Please check back regularly as these lists will be amended and added to frequently!)

Lesson Length

Lessons are usually booked in the following formats at a time: Please contact me for prices or an individual quote on intensive courses. This is NOT an exhaustive list by any means, 1.5 hours etc are available)

  • 1 Hour
  • 2 Hours




For a quote when you pass your test, try Adrian Flux. They specialise in young drivers and modified cars. I can't guarantee you'll get the best quote out there, but it's worth a shot!


For insurance while training, you can insure your own car using a company called Collingwood. They tend to be one of the cheapest, and a few people have tried them and found them to be reasonable and very friendly to deal with.